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SP - LED Flashlight Using Supercapacitor

Bored of joking with capacitors? Then its time for you to maneuver on to super-capacitors. These have huge storage capabilities. during this article you may conclude the way to build atiny low LED flashlight using supercapacitors.

The most disadvantage of capacitors is their giant voltage drop. For this project, a minimum voltage of two volts is needed to light-weight the LED. As a result, the “Joule Thief” style would be incorporated here. Using this, a AA battery is used to light-weight an LED until it's fully discharged.
 during this case, a supercapacitor would be taking the place of the battery. Here an LED is employed to perform the operate of a diode. This ensures that there's sufficient voltage across the LED.

 the necessities of the project are listed below:
White LED
Super capacitor (10F, 2.7 V)
1 k ohm resistor
The torus and therefore the transistor used here comes from an energy-saving lamp HS. Care ought to be taken whereas removing this from the lamp as a breakage may lead to the discharge of the mercury vapors. A lamp load along side a USB port is added to the circuit. This makes it compatible with a computer or a automotive radio.

A couple of precautions got to be taken whereas constructing the circuit. The USB port mustn't be supplied with excess power. The capacitor doesn't stand up to a high voltage and hence a zener diode is connected in parallel to handle the high voltage. The diode protects the capacitor when the voltage exceeds an explicit price.


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